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 ” Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better” - Pat Riley
We offer our services to individuals whom are self driven, competitive players. Our goal is to help players reach their full potential, both as an individual and as a player. Our unique combination of hockey knowledge and experience is now available to you!

We believe that good, long term planning with hard work and patience is in best interest of the player. Choosing your supporter, a mentor who is going to be there with you during your highs and lows can make the difference. We know what it takes, literally…. Dedicated hard work with determination to make it.

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Business coaching

We have experience of business coaching and lectures of 10 years now. Our approach is using experiences and thoughts of sport into life of business. Time as a professional player, coach and self-learned former hockey club owner has given some unique ideas and experiences how to do business.

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Sami Kapanen /Partner, Player Agent
p. 044 787 1124


Satu Kapanen / Partner, CEO
p. 040 180 9009